Current Status


We are closed Friday, October 23 & Monday, October 26.  SORRY FOR ANY INCONVENIENCE.

What a year!!!  So many things have changed in the way we handle everyday life.  Things have certainly changed on how we serve our neighbors at the food pantry with zero contact.  And now it’s time to start thinking about holiday baskets.

I was wondering if you would be interested in providing a basket.

With what is going on right now, I think about how we can best provide a Thanksgiving or Christmas basket for a neighbor in need.  If you do not feel comfortable  delivering to their house, you could do one of the following:

  1. Shop for their food and bring to the food pantry.  I can arrange for them to come and pick up at the food pantry.
  2. Donate money, designate it for a holiday basket,  and I can do the shopping and provide for a neighbor, having them come to the food pantry for a pick up.
  3. Donate food/personal care products, as we are putting baskets together for our neighbors, designate for a holiday basket.

If you are interested, please indicate if you would like to provide a Thanksgiving or Christmas basket & the size of family you would like to provide for.  

Thank you,

Waverly Knight, Director

NW Food Pantry

1224 Davis, NW

GR  49504

616-451-4036 – pantry

         Just to let you know that the fall campaign for Meijer Simply Give starts runs through Saturday, October 24. The NW Food Pantry has Meijer on Alpine. Please help get the word out!!

We are still collecting D & W, Family Fare & Forest Hills Foods receipts.  For every $150,000 collected in receipts, our food pantry gets $1,000. 

PLEASE be healthy and safe out there. PLEASE wear a mask and keep the 6 foot social distance.