Neighbors Helping Neighbors Since 1990!

About us

The Northwest Food Pantry strives to show the love of Christ to our neighbors on the Northwest side of Grand Rapids, MI by supplying emergency food and support to all who are in need.

Our Story

How it all started

The Northwest Food Pantry was founded in 1990 by a group of Deacons from local churches that saw a need. They learned of the food insecurity problem on the Northwest side of Grand Rapids and found that we didn’t have any neighborhood resources to help. St James, St Peter & Paul, Westview, Seventh Reformed, Walker United, West Leonard, Trinity and Remembrance Churches decided to do something about it so they held meetings and started planning. 

The pantry opened and started serving our neighbors as a part of Trinity Reformed Church. Only serving a few families a week meant we only needed to occupy a small amount of space. As the word spread of our new pantry to more families, the need grew. The Pantry was serving more and more people. Because we were expanding rapidly, we were going to require more room to grow. In 2006 we began a campaign to raise funds with local churches and businesses for a remodel. The fundraising took some time but in 2009 we were ready to act. 

The project was going to help the pantry in many ways. With such rapid growth we needed more space to expand and accommodate the people. The format of the pantry also changed at that time. Because of the added space, we were able to set up like a grocery store. This allows our clients who are coming in for assistance in emergency situations the dignity of shopping for their food. It allows them to choose what best fits their family’s needs within our set guidelines. While remodeling, Trinity Church allowed us to run out of the basement which we now use as a waiting room for clients. 

While running in our remodeled space, by  2010 the Northwest Food Pantry had grown so much that we needed to become our own Non-Profit organization. That is when the Northwest Food Pantry Coalition was born. Our pantry clients have grown from a few families a week, to an average of 140 families a week. 

The pantry is overseen by our board of directors that consists of several business savvy people from local churches, an executive director, but most importantly we are run by the most amazing group of volunteers that are committed to showing the love of Christ to our neighbors by becoming His hands and feet! Each of us are called to serve and we are blessed by it every single day!

This pantry is volunteer run and 100% donor driven. Without the sharing of their gifts of time, treasure, and talent our pantry would not be able to do what we do and we could not be more grateful! If you have donated, or volunteered at the pantry, THANK YOU!